Which Martini, Vodka or Gin?

There has been no shortage of debates this past year, be it political or otherwise. This being an election year, it is expected. We have a subject of debate that has raged on for years. One that no matter your party affiliation, it is ok to remain neutral. However, this debate can get quite heated and at times cause party members to jump to the other side. But in the end, most members agree to shake hands across the aisle, because in the end, no matter what side you are on, everyone is a winner.

How do you take your Martini, Vodka or Gin?

I know, it touches a nerve. Because most martini imbibers wouldn’t dream of the drinking the other. These arguments, though, offer useful information for the novice, or casual martini drinker. So, in the end, just like politics, the debate is not only for the politicians but the undecided voters. So how should you order a martini, vodka or gin? Read up on the best points, then decide for yourself.


  • Flavors of grain that are soft and earthy
  • A favorite of international secret agents such as James Bond
  • Became popular in the 1960’s because of aforementioned super spy
  • Experienced a resurgence in the 21st century as millennials and hipsters gave it a try
  • Still evolving and even branching out into other “tini” arenas, i.e. appletini, chocotini, etc.


  • Flavors of herbaceous botanicals like juniper and spices
  • The classic style, the only martini a martini purist will ever consume
  • Been around since the turn of the 20th century
  • Rose to great popularity during Prohibition era
  • Tried and True and has remained virtually unchanged throughout its history

We have only skimmed the surface of this issue. Unfortunately, we are out of time and will not even be able to touch on other relevant topics. Shaken or stirred? Dirty or clean? Olives or a twist? On the rocks or neat? Dry or wet? These are hot button issues, to be discussed at the next debate. But hopefully, we have helped. So, the next time you “cast your order” you can make at least an educated decision about which is best, a vodka or gin Martini.

We love martinis. But which martini, vodka or gin? We have to remain neutral on this one because we believe in enjoying whatever makes you happy in that moment. Now this does not mean we do not have strong values. To put it simply, we feel the martini could be the perfect way to get everyone to reach across the aisle, clink glasses and toast to life. Cheers!



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