“Iceberg Ho!” Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, June 28th

Harry Browne’s and Ovation Dinner Theatre are proud to announce the first ever, audience interactive, comedy murder mystery and dinner in our area!  After over 300 performances spanning 3 years, Ovation Dinner Theatre’s record setting, smash hit, audience interactive, comedy murder “whodunit” will be offered at Harry Browne’s.

Ovation Dinner Theatre’s spirited, unique source of audience interactive, comedy murder “whodunits” is performed directly on our dining room floor, combined with our fine dining experience.  The play is called “Iceberg Ho!”, so All Aboard!  You are invited to the maiden voyage of the S.S. Gigantic!  The year is 1928.  The champagne is flowing, and the guest list is brimming with celebrities and movie stars, including Reginald Earl Grey Benedict Cumberbatch Radcliffe and Gloria Swansong, along with jewel thieves and cat burglars.  It is all glitz and glamour until someone steals the “Abandon-All-Hope Diamond”, and all the radar and iceberg detection devices suddenly fail.  This hilarious show will have you laughing and sleuthing the night away.  Trust us when we say, “this is not your father’s dinner theatre!”

Seating is strictly limited, so call 410.263.4332 or email info@harrybrownes right away!  We look forward to having you as our guest for a night of fun and frivolity combined with Harry Browne’s wonderful dining experience.  See you there!



Email: info@harrybrownes.com
Phone: 410.263.4332
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